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Hello and welcome to Simply Home Inc.  Established in 1998,  Simply Home was a dream that quickly became a reality.


Before the Internet, before Amazon, before Target before RH started selling furniture — 

Simply Home was born to fill a void in the personalized shopping experience for your home. 


As a first time homeowner, I struggled with finding exciting pieces for my home. My style was distressed and comfortable.  The stores were limited and I had to push to get anything with character. Antiques became my friend!  I just knew there had to be a better way.  With innocence and determination on my side I decided to become the source.  With the support, hard work and commitment of my then boyfriend, Mark, the store was born.  We started getting the space ready in August of 1998.  Doors opened October 13, 1998.   


Along the way, I was very fortunate to be able to start helping my clients decorate their homes.  I am always excited to start a new project with endless vision.  Whether curtains, paint, paper or a build from the ground up.  I am honored in the trust that my clients give me.  The excitement of developing, executing and completing a project that reflects my client's style and personality is the most fulfilling part of my work.



Terri Sisson Truono

My loving husband & best friend passed away unexpectedly on July 5th 2022.

Mark is the reason I/we have Simply Home.

Our venue is now different but everything else is the same.


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